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that many of us have been worried about for years. >> reporter: he says this could change movie theaters the way 911 changed airports. he says extra police is only a short term solution and he believes this will force theaters and other public places to revamp security. >> i think it's the beginning of a new era of security protection the american people are going to have to get used to. >> reporter: some theaters have -- that may only be the beginning of what's to come. it's unclear whether any movie theaters have decided to change security procedures. wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage. for the latest on the suspects, victims and investigations, log on to >>> we want to tell you about breaking news at penn state. just a few minutes ago they ordered the statue of late football coach joe paterno to be removed after a lengthy investigation determined that paterno and others covered up a child sex abuse allegation against former coach jerry sandusky. one group threatening to take the statue down themselves. no word whether it will be moved to an
of the storm. that's progress we've made, but the problem is we've got a long road ahead of us. that's definitely going to extend his restoration efforts into this week. >> you tell me that part of the problem is that you all had resources. >> we have extra crews on the street to be prepared for the type of weather that typically would come through. normally, the storms would break up as they hit the mountains. they didn't. the problem is that where the storm came from from the west, all the resources that were hit with the typically the ones that we go after to support each other. the wide swath of the storm, all of those resources are enough so we had to go deep to the south to texas and oklahoma and south into georgia and mississippi to bring in resources. they are in route. we've got well over a thousand trucks, well over 2000 folks either working the store now were in route to us. but it is going to take some time. the restoration effort as a result is the one dated. that's the problem. >> yesterday you said people were already calling and complaining. here's what's going to hap
science. that's coming up. >>> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news sunday. tim williams is joining us with the weather forecast. >> it will be another hot day. we'll take you to doppler radar to give you an idea. we are poised to have thunderstorms rolling through the region. what we have north around harrisburg and redding is a system that is pushing through the region. we had one portion push through last night. another one pushing through today. the one that pushes through today will change the dynamoearning dynamic -- dynamic of the temperatures. we are dealing with temperatures around 85 at bwi marshall. dew point 70. another humid start to the day. it feel like 90 degrees after you factor in the dew point and heat. as a result national weather service issued a heat advisory for today. not excessive heat warning but a heat advisory from 11:00 until 8:00. because of the changes we'll be dealing with a slight risk of thunderstorms for the entire state through this day. forecast for this day starts off with temperatures in that 80-degree range. we are going up to a daytime high of
this is his year and no better way to start the olympics off than getting gold. >> reporter: they used twitter to show he had no hard feelings. he tweeted to lochte. p way to go to keep the medal in the country where it belongs. >> reporter: serena williams won the opening match. american fan watched harrison lose in an olympic debut and still came out a winner. >> he lost his match and took it out on the racket. and i got away with a souvenir. >> reporter: the queen is among fans and enjoyed the excitement. she toured the tower that is next to the stadium. as it continues, olympic investigators are investigating why so many seats are empty. wjz, eyewitness news. >> reporter: china won seven gold medals and italyen a the united states are tied with five medals each. >>> orioles are coming off a tough game against the oakland as. the old orioles couldn't come up with a win in time. nick mark contact kiss hit a home run in the 9th inning. the only run they would get. >>> the orioles home stand with the oakland as wraps up this afternoon. watch it on masn, and right here on wing 13. >>> it will
. that stays with us through tomorrow. 98 tomorrow. some thunderstorms could be strong. after they move through here we start to see temperatures cool down. there's a bit of a transition. we will talk about it in your complete updated first warning weather forecast. >>> today will mark the 11th straight day temperatures have soured before 100. the heat is making everything more difficult and dangerous. a pregnant woman is recovering after a washington dc train derailed. nobody was hurt. passengers had to walk through an emergency exit tunnel in the overwhelming heat last night. the intense heat and lingering power outages are forming a dangerous combination for many. wjz has complete first warning weather coverage. meghan mccorkell has the latest on the growing health concerns. >> good morning. baltimore city officials have now extended a state of emergency for another week as the heat continues to bear down on the city. >> the blazing hot sun taking its toll. >> incredibly shot. >> i have no energy. >> turn ing deadly. >> these temperatures are dangerous. >> nine heat related deaths now repo
consultants convicted. coming up the lawyers tell us what lead to the release. >>> plus, held hostage, what the state is doing the free two missionaries. >>> and an apartment building blaze that left families homeless. >>> take a live lookout side. showers in the area but temperatures on the way this week. tim williams has more on the morning weather forecast. >>> and races are heading to the starting line. i am live and we will at the time it'll you about it just seconds away. >>> this is wjz tv wj zhd. >> from the city to the county to your neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage with wjz. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news. >> i am tim williams. temperatures in your 80 degrees. nothing like it was this time yesterday. we were dealing with some showers and thunderstorms and today little pockets here and there. there's a good bit of sun in which direction and there's still some cloud cover as well. yesterday we had steady rain and then it just wasn't way. it was not the prettiest day. we had a lot of cloud cover out there. right now as gigi mentioned there's a little bit of
us. >> reporter: firefighters knocked out the windows to get a better look of the devices inside. but after a full day of trying to get in, they called it off. >> our folks were taxed. >> neighbors are evacuated until police can safely get into james holmes's apartment and loud music was playing from john boehner' apartment, to get police to respond to a noise complaint. back to you. >> the colorado shooting spree is sending shock waves across the country. prompting other theaters the boost security. now, we have more. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. looking to see a lot of officers on patrol. as aurora, colorado, continues to try to come to grips with the horrific tragedy, law enforcement agencies are upping their presence at local theaters. >> i get it. it makes sense to me. >> reporter: baltimore city is county police are saying people heading to the movies should expect to see more officers on patrol. >> just simply a precaution and extra resources. >> reporter: police don't know of threat to local theaters, movie-goers were happy to see the extra security. >> whether
. >> and i'm tim williams. definitely know that there are some showers around. we certainly could use the rain. we don't like to have it on the weekend. we want everything. we want to have it when we want it. it is coming through. there are some showers around ann arundel county. not going to see a ton of sun today. it's not going to be the pettyiest of saturdays but not going to be so fire hot either. right now our radar tells a story, there are some showers moving across the region, some of them are stronger to the south and southwest of baltimore, between baltimore and dc in the montgomery county area. as you see, there are parts of the area that aren't seeing any rain heading out towards garrett, towards cecil county. this is going to be the key through out the day, there are going to be showers moving through but it will not be a wash out. 87 today, variable clouds with a thunderstorm in the area. mostly cloudy and humid with a thunderstorm in spots around 74. tomorrow after these showers move through the temperatures go up, clouds and sun temperatures in the low 90s and it goes
and birthdays left in him and hoping to be around until he's 100. let's hope so. >>> the oriels could have used some new pitching on the mound last night as they try to put away the oakland a's in the 9th. jim johnson gave up 6 runs and the o's never recovered. 14-9 was the final. the oriels home stand against oakland continues this weekend. today and tomorrow it's on wjz. you can see tonight's game at 7:00 and tomorrow afternoon's game at 1:30 live on wjz. >> that bun -- one stings. >> i know. >> good luck to them today out there. such a good atmosphere right now. >>> the weather is hot, muggy. >> same old, same old. >> chance for a shower or thunderstorm through the day so it could interfere with some things. check back in at wjz 6:00 news and we will let you know the latest. >>> coming up next on eyewitness news saturday morning. >> black bears roaring back in maryland. that story as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,, >>> welcome back. today we're going up to about 93. a front will be coming through so scattered showers and storms with that. we lessen our chance tomorrow. on monday the cha
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9